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Featured Video - Learner Agency at Hobsonville Point Secondary School

Learner agency at Hobsonville Point Secondary School from EDtalks on Vimeo.

In this presentation Claire talks about fostering agency at Hobsonville Point Secondary School. Claire says is agency is about students owning their learning. She describes how a sense of ownership and taking responsibility for learning is incorporated into the culture of the school and into the programmes they offer.


Teaching as Inquiry - In this video Claire talks about the first year of ICTPD and Teaching as Inquiry at Epsom Girls Grammar School

Ten Tips for BYOD - In this video Claire shares ten tips for getting students to make the most of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

New Zealand Curriculum Website

Teaching as Inquiry - Claire outlines the process they went through to use teaching as inquiry to develop an e-learning action plan. She then explains how they reflected on the outcomes of this first cycle of inquiry and refined their process to develop a teaching as inquiry plan to target key competencies.

Professional Learning Groups to support school-wide e-learning - Claire discusses how learning area professional learning groups support teachers with e-learning.

Leading Change / Developing Relationships - Claire discusses the importance of developing relationships when leading change. Claire believes the key lies in positivity and enthusiasm, having a real genuine interest in others' opinions, and then coupling with that the willingness to share your ideas and vision.

Extending yourself as a middle leader through an e-fellowship - Claire describes how becoming an e-fellow gave her confidence, expertise, and extended her learning. It opened the door to fresh leadership possibilities, and introduced her to vital new networks and professional opportunities.

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Teaching as Inquiry - why you should be using it!

Living and Learning Online - Don't be an egg - how to take flight on Twitter

Leading Change - 10 tips for leading change

The Digital Citizenship Project - overview of The Digital Citizenship Project