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BYOD 2014 - Making it Mobile

Introduction to BYOD at HPSS

Universal Design for Learning and BYOD

Making it Mobile - E-portfolio and Google Sites

E-portfolios and Google Sites from Claire Amos

Link to one page Google Site guide Introduction to Google Sites

Learning Network - BYOD: Mobile Devices in the Classroom 2.0 2nd Conference May 2013

Byod mobile devices conference ppt from Claire Amos

Teaching as Inquiry Overview

E-learning Action plan 2011

E-learning Action Plan 2012

Unit Planner

Moodle Tool Guide for Teachers by Joyce Seltzinger

Moodle 2.0 Tool Guide for Teachers adapted by Gavin Henrick

Ulearn 12 Conference 10-12 October 2012

Living and Learning Online: An introduction to using online communities for professional learning

Living and Learning Online Ulearn 12 from Claire Amos


Claire Amos on Twitter (check out 'following' list to get started)

Video: Twitter in Plain English

VLN - The Virtual Learning Network

VLN: Enabling e-learning

Video: RSS Feeds in Plain English

Google Reader (if you want to set up RSS feeds)

Video: Google Reader in Plain English

Using teaching as inquiry to create an e-learning action plan: Epsom Girls Grammar School’s ICTPD Journey

The Digital Citizenship Project KnowledgeNet Presentation from Claire Amos

The Digital Citizenship Project on Wikieducator

The Digital Citizenship Project Planning Google Doc

The Digital Citizenship Project Google Group

Nestafe website - Digital Citizenship information and resources targeted at the Education Sector

NetSafe myLGP- a collection of resources that help educators to teach effective digital citizenship.

Enabling e-Learning: Digital Citizenship group - a group on the Virtual Learning Network

A Digital Citizenship Resource for Teachers - advice and guidance aimed at teachers around the topic of Digital Citizenship (in development)

A Digital Citizenship Resource for Students - advice and guidance aimed at students around the topic of Digital Citizenship (in development)

Using Teaching as Inquiry to ensure your Moodling is about student outcomes workshop